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Supply Chain Management

Streamline Your Amazon Business 

As Amazon Managers, we know that 1 key facet of business begets the success of all others: Supply Chain Control. Learn More about how streamlined solutions in Supply work to serve and grow your business. 

Sell with Confidence

Selling on Amazon always goes back to one core premise: Supply Chain Integrity. With over 10 years of experience managing Amazon and sales channels, we'll work with you to ensure you're maximizing profitability and maintaining integrity in your supply chain. 

Operational Optimization

 Determine pricing and exclusivity, identify potential supply chain gaps, and work to eliminate problem areas to bolster bottom line health. 

Sensitive Items

With our Direct Fulfillment capabilities, you never have to worry about inventory sitting or being mismanaged as we can function to condense the logistics chain. 

Streamlined Logistics 

We excel with Supply Chain Management and Fulfillment for a reason: our team maximizes efficiency to comply with Amazon's lofty standards. You'll never have to worry about errors on the service side as we ship out thousands of packages weekly. 

Our Approach

While customers and agencies promise a lot, we promise only what we can live up to. With our Supply Chain Solutions, you'll standardize and improve margin. Through this, we'll together for sustained, continual growth. 

Logistics and warehousing are made easy with our 50,000 Square Foot facility and logistics team while product listings and media are constantly monitored by our team of account specialists. Listings are monitored to identify unauthorized sellers and remove them swiftly to avoid interruptions. 

As we help you grow your brand, the key focus is Supply Chain Management because everything stems from efficiency. Avoiding 3rd Party Seller problems is key to the success of advertising, listing optimizations, and overall sales and margin. 

Effective Management

From Price to Seller Monitoring, rest easy knowing that any issues will be identified quickly and resolved in the same fashion. We've worked with brands of all sizes with respect to supply chain inequities, meaning we can make sure all management efforts are effective and protect the integrity of the brand regarding price point integrity and margin. 

Mutually Vested Interests

We're like you: we rely on proper monitoring of profitability and sell-through to grow and serve our partners. Lack of performance means we're not growing and not serving you effectively. When we say we care about your brand, we mean it.

Supply Stability is Our Priority 

We don't just manage the front of house; we make sure that internal supply is situated as well. Inventory forecasting and management allow you to avoid pitfalls of being out of stock on Amazon. With the ability to back up FBA with Direct Seller Fulfillment, your supply chain is covered across the board with Kee. 

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