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Amazon Advertising Management

Help Customers Discover Your Brand

With new products launching on Amazon daily, it's easy to become lost in the shuffle of a crowded category. With Kee Holdings Media, ensure that your brand is easily found by customers who align with your mission and are seeking your products.

Reach Your Customers

Kee Holdings' success is directly tied to that of our partners. When we determine advertising expenditures, we believe in starting small and focusing on the right customers rather than the largest number. 

We encourage thorough campaign testing to ensure the maximum amount of relevant data is acquired and advertising spend isn't excessive. Brands should be respected as such to foster sustainable growth and brand health. 

Campaign Strategy

Determine a campaign objective and strategy through comprehensive categorical and competitor analyses while optimizing listings to maximize organic indexing potential.

Construct Testing

Upon identifying the desired customers and products to target, we'll construct test campaigns to avoid excessive expenditure and gather additional data to refine targeting and pinpoint opportunities in the marketplace.

Launch and Monitor 

Final campaigns and budget will be confirmed and launched. Our team will monitor activity daily to properly adjust based on ad response, competitor maneuvers and continually scrub listings to identify new opportunities to win customers. 

Simplified Tech & Data

While we use specific software for listing construction and competitor analysis, we rely on the plethora of data we've acquired over years of selling through and on Amazon along with comprehensive analysis to fine-tune positioning.  


Keyword data, bidding strategies and search records are reviewed and analyzed to ensure that listings index well organically and are advertised in the most relevant way possible to provide optimal conversion opportunities.

Keyword Isolation

Customers always provide the best data simply by searching for products. With access to general Amazon Search Data as well as specific search data, we can identify keywords with high visibility 

Campaign Evolution

Refining targeting initiatives is key to maximize conversion potential. Over time, we'll focus the scope of your brand's advertising through search term analysis to identify your ideal target customers. 

Keyword Efficiency

Not all keywords are created equal and sometimes the most expensive keywords do nothing except blow your budget. We'll work to identify highly-relevant search terms that convert efficiently to keep your budget on track. 

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