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Who We Are

We've been unlocking solutions for brands for over a decade in the ever-changing Amazon and E-commerce Landscape

We pride ourselves on being a partner that brands can lean on to manage multiple areas of their business and provide effective solutions. Instead of correcting issues, we invite brands to leave those matters to us while working together with our experienced team to present products to customers that deserve to have access to their quality goods. 


Years in Business Selling on Amazon and other Marketplaces


Products SKU's Launched on Amazon

(Vendor and Seller)


Figures of Revenue Generated Yearly for Over a Decade


Years Experience in Marketing and Online Business

Honesty and Transparency

Amazon Agencies are beyond abundant in the current landscape. However, very few address the roots of problems. We go beyond and focus on strengthening all aspects of a brand's Amazon Strategy. 

We're honest in our assessments and will never approach a client with a recycled approach. We pride ourselves on identifying all issues, the relationships they have with other components and finding a complete solution.

Kee Differentiators

No matter the case or client, Kee Management always works to accomplish a simple goal: Allow our partners to control and guide their brands online. 


We strive to streamline the worlds of Amazon and online business with a simple approach: Adhere to the vision of the brand and use our expertise of the platform to grow your business. 

Simple but Successful 

Our approach focuses on a simple but proven approach:

  • Efficient Keyword and Brand targeting to maximize advertising ROI 

  • Product analysis to promote maximum profitability selling on Amazon 

  • Enforcing Price Integrity and Keeping the Brand in Control 

  • Managing back-end operations to ensure continual growth 

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